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MindSpace involves a diverse, multidisciplinary group of DNAct Screenshotpeople that recognise the value of being proficient in both technology and education simultaneously. Relevant experience includes science and maths education (teaching and writing), technology (software and hardware), multimedia (video, animation, 2D and 3D interactives), business (development, project management and commercialisation) and education research (qualitative and quantitative analysis of software and extracurricular activities with respect to features such as student interest and success). All personnel have degrees in Engineering, Computing and/or Science, most at a postgraduate level.

Past Educational Projects

MindSpace personnel have been involved in numerous educational technology projects, including both cutting edge research and development (involving HITLabNZ, Ultralab and Lincoln University) and content development on a number of platforms. A brief overview is below, but more details are available at the Past Projects page:

  • DNAct: a guided practice activity for teaching students DNA Replication. DNAct also logs all user activity, which was combined with qualitative and quantitative research to gain valuable insight into the usability and educational benefits for high-school students.
  • Recursive Returns: an explorative activity involving recursion, algorithms and patterns.
  • AR Volcano Kiosk: an Augmented Reality experience in which volcanoes, convection currents, tectonic plates, etc., DNAct Screenshotliterally jump from the pages of a book into the userís view of the real world as high-quality, interactive 3D animations.
  • Virtual Solar System: another Augmented Reality experience in which the user can study 3D, photorealistic planets in the palm of their hand and then use them to build their own solar system.
  • The eyeMagic AR storybook: a 3D animated story taking place on the pages of a real book, conveying the narrative as text, paintings, narration and 3D.
  • An interactive 3D simulation of torsion and curvature in relation to crimp of wool fibres.
  • Recording, processing and archiving of dozens of technical seminars which are subsequently made available as interactive, platform-independent videos on CD or the internet.
  • Video documentation of numerous research projects and presentation of these on an interactive, platform-independent educational/promotional CD.


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