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This area is a collection resources that people may find useful.

  • Seminar Videos - Videos of seminars given by Eric Woods as he talks about a wide variety of technology and its applicability to Art and Education.
  • Intellectual Property in the Digital Age. A list of resources regarding the serious implications of applying Property Law and Intellectual Property (IP) Law to digital and open content. A solid overview of the Creative Commons and the work of Lawrence Lessig, much of which is freely available on ITConversations.
  • Technology for Art - Resources that MindSpace has collated over the years regarding the application of Technology to art.
  • Introduction to Podcasting - Thousands of audio shows are available for download and listening on your computer or MP3 player. This will step you through how to get listening for free.
  • VodCasting: TV Programs Available Online for Free - Both professional and amateur TV shows a being created and made available for download online. They sure beat reality TV!
  • Audio Clips - Eric Woods has recorded a mini-bio and some tech tips as audio clips to share with podcasts etc.
  • Conventions for Naming and Storing Files - Ok, it sounds boring, but it is incredibly beneficial and helps me find any one of the 6,000+ files in 800+ folders in my ‘My Documents’ folder in under 5-10 seconds.
  • The Options and Benefits of Portable Storage - Describes the different types of portable storage availabe, how to take care of them, issues of security, using them for backups and the convenience of using a synchronising tool. All issues include advantages and disadvantages and review multiple options, with as many of them as possible being free.
  • Configuring Your Router to Enhance Access - If you have problems connecting to other internet users in software like Windows Messenger, Skype, Hamachi and Bittorrent, then chances are your router needs to be slightly reconfigured, which is actually quite easy (if you have a helpful tutorial like this to guide you).
  • Tech Tips - General tips that anyone who uses a Windows computer may find useful.
  • Video and Audio Conferencing - Communicate with friends, family and colleagues around the world for free - Forget the telephone! Coming Soon.
  • Issues with Proprietary Windows Media Formats. The proprietary nature of these formats (asf, wma, wmv) has serious implications for users of Windows Media Story, Windows Movie Maker and Windows Media Encoder etc. This resource also discusses the useful little Stoik Video Converter you can download here (137kb).
  • Best format for Playing Video Online. This looks at a variety of important factors, and recommends the FLV format for presenting video online. Any disadvantages and available software tools are also listed. If you want to make your video content available for download, editing and transcoding, then other options are given.
  • Flash Communication with Java and Flash Communication with Flash, via Sockets. A very technical article describing and giving sample code for how to have a Flash app communicate with a Java app, or have a Flash app communicate with another Flash app (potentially on another computer) via a simple Java Server app. The simplest solution in this case is to use sockets and to use a simple Java Socket server to pass the data from one flash app to multiple other flash apps.
  • Video Compression - The best ways to compress video for different tasks and different audiences. Coming Soon.
  • Tech Weapons of Choice - The combination of technology that Eric uses on a daily basis. After a lot of research, this has proven to integrate well and cost less than you might think.
  • Choosing a good webcamera for Augmented Reality. Coming Soon.
  • Choosing a good Head Mounted Display for Augmented Reality. Coming Soon.
  • Links - Links to highly reccommended web pages and software.


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