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Technology and its Application to Art

MindSpace has a focus and a passion for the application of technology to Art and Education, so over the years, we have collated some resources in these areas.

  • Seminar Videos on Technology Applicable to Art and Education.
    We have posted videos of presentations by Eric Woods as he talks about a wide variety of technology and its applicability to Art and Education. Some of the audio and video quality is not the best, but is hopefully sufficient to serve the purpose. Some of the videos are based on the paper ‘Augmenting the Science Centre and Museum Experience’, listed below. These videos are listed on the
    Seminar Videos resource.
  • Background on Digital Technology and its use in Art.
    This is a short (3-page) summary of how digital technology can be used in the arts. It includes some general concepts, examples of different input and output technology, and a case study that applies these concepts. Available as a PDF download
    here (80kb).
  • Augmenting the Science Centre and Museum Experience
    Eric Woods, Mark Billinghurst, et al. Graphite 2004 - International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Australasia and South East Asia 15-18 June 2004, Singapore.
    Available as a PDF download
    here (800kb). A video of a seminar based on this paper is mentioned above, or accessible here.
External Links:
  • Extreme 3D Art (Digitising and 3D Printing).
    There is a great overview at CGWorld
    here covering many different ways to digitise objects from the molecular level to the galaxy. It also coveres ways to turn virtual 3D objects into real, handheld 3D objects using various 3D Printing techniques.


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