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Video and Multimedia Services


Humans are inherently social creatures and rely heavily on communication with others. The most natural and effective way we communicate is face to face, which uses a combination of visual and audible information (for example, body language and speech). When face to face contact is not practical, using audio and video is currently the most effective alternative.

Advantages of Video

In fact, recording and distributing a video can even provide advantages over face to face contact:

  • Every participant gets a perfect view of the speaker – no struggling to see from the back of the room.
  • Audio is always crystal clear and the volume can be adjusted to taste.
  • Every participant has the freedom to view the content when and where they want to – no rushing to attend another presentation across town.
  • Every participant has the power to control the pace of the presentation – they can repeat a sentence or a whole chapter and pause it when the phone rings.

The advantages of video can be further enhanced using digital technologies, which is a particular strength of MindSpace Multimedia Services.

MindSpace Solutions’ X-Stream™ - any type of stream, any number of streams. All synchronised to a single timeline with flexible controls.

Overcoming Traditional Limitations

Using video can also overcome considerable practical limitations:

  • Break the distance barrier – minimise the cost and downtime of travelling.
  • Reach the masses – make your work available to 10 or 10,000 people.
  • Never repeat yourself – if you have to present something on a regular basis, or hire an expert to deliver the same presentation (for example, training) on a regular basis, record it once and have it available forever.

What can MindSpace Offer?

MindSpace Solutions has considerable experience in:

  • Video, animation, 3D graphics, interactive software and other multimedia production;
  • Design, development and delivery of educational material;
  • Utilising the latest digital technology.

MindSpace combines these skills to deliver the most effective presentation solutions possible. There are a daunting number of techniques and technologies available, so MindSpace takes pride in understanding the client’s needs and being able to tailor an appropriate solution. This can range from the most basic recording onto a single VHS tape through to a broadcast quality production on 10,000 DVDs couriered to a mailing list.

Most video projects will involve work in each of the following areas (although basic presentations can involve just capture and presenting):

  • Capture. Acquiring content by filming the presenter and recording audio, presentation slides, computer screen output etc.
  • Processing. Transfer to computer, trimming and optimisation of video and audio quality.
  • Editing and Effects. Cutting and splicing different footage together and creating special effects.
  • Media Conversion. This involves the following processes:
    • Transfer – copying the final product back onto tape.
    • Archive – retaining a high-quality master for future re-purposing.
    • Presenting – compressing the video and producing the final result which will be presented to your audience.

MindSpace can also produce supporting materials such as animations, 3D graphics and interactive educational software to enhance the message you want to convey. MindSpace is making samples of all of these options at www.MindSpaceSolutions.com

The Final Result

The product you deliver to your audience can be a single video, a combination of video and slides (window-in-window or side-by-side) or a complex multi-stream presentation.

MindSpace has developed X-Stream™ – a multi-stream system with unparalleled power and flexibility that opens up many new possibilities for digital video. X-Stream™ can be delivered on CD or over the internet and will immediately play on Windows, Mac and Linux computers without needing to install any software. See Figure 1 and samples on our website.

In addition to X-Stream™, the final result can be delivered in the following ways:

  • Tape:
    • Audio tape. Plays in traditional car audio systems and home stereos.
    • VHS. The most common standard - plays in home video players.
    • MiniDV. A way of backing up footage. Plays in modern DV Camcorders.
  • Disc:
    • Audio CD or MiniDisc. Plays in modern car audio systems and home stereos.
    • Video on CD. Uses the X-Stream™ system that will immediately play on Windows, Mac and Linux computers without needing to install any software.
    • VCD, SVCD or DVD. Plays in common DVD players or computers with a DVD drive.
  • Internet: Using X-Stream™, audio and video can be viewed on a webpage through anything from a 56k modem to a fast intranet. This method is rapidly growing in popularity.

Potential Uses

MindSpace Multimedia Services can be used to great effect to record and distribute all forms of presentation to both staff and clients, including:

  • Professional development training for staff
  • Product training for your clients
  • Educational material for students
  • Sales, marketing and promotional presentations
  • Public relations and latest news
  • Guest seminars by specialists or visiting lecturers etc.
  • Lecture series
  • Conferences or keynote presentations
  • Significant events and speeches
  • Significant meetings of staff briefings
  • Shareholders annual reports

Maximising Return on Investment

Presentations can require considerable investment. Time can be invested in organising, preparing or sourcing a speaker for a presentation. Money can be invested in presenter fees, transport, design, equipment or location hire. Ensure you maximise the value of your investment by making the presentation available in a powerful, flexible way long after the original event. Additional value can be recognised in:

  • Selling the content (MindSpace has solutions for this)
  • Producing free content to increase brand recognition and product understanding
  • Offering content to key clients or strategic partners to add value and build loyalty
  • Improving customer service and support


Contact Us to learn more about how you can use our Video and Multimedia Services to enhance your company.


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