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Creature Hat

This activity is an original creation of MindSpace Solutions Ltd. This activity uses a virtual mirror. Participants stand in front of a projector screen, onto which a camera is projecting an image of themselves. When special hats or masquerade masks are used, the mirror replaces this with the virtual head of various creatures. Currently these heads include a rat, a dog, an ogre, various crazy party hats and the faces of famous people. As an extra feature, hats can be configured so that when a user turns around, a huge spider is seen clinging to their back. MindSpace can create new heads and hats to service a particular theme, or to educate users on the diversity or relative sizes of a selection of creatures. details unavailable... gallery...

The movie should appear in the area above. If not, you will need to install QuickTime by following instructions here. To save this movie to your computer, click on the drop-down button in the bottom-right corner of QuickTime and click “Save Source”.

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