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Building the Human Heart

This activity is an original creation of MindSpace Solutions Ltd. In this workspace, students start with an empty activity sheet and a virtual human heart separated into six parts (the left and right ventricles, atriums and outer muscle). The user can bring each of these parts together, explore the connections between them and discover how they fit together within their limited space. As they place them in the correct, labelled positions on the worksheet, they discover the name of each part. This activity also comes with a complete, life-size heart, which students can place on their chest to gain an understanding of the size of their own heart. details unavailable... gallery...

The movie should appear in the area above. If not, you will need to install QuickTime by following instructions here. To save this movie to your computer, click on the drop-down button in the bottom-right corner of QuickTime and click “Save Source”.

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