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GigaPixel Pan


Like the image used in GigaZoom, this image was taken with a 4 gigapixel camera - that is 4,000,000,000 pixels per image. In fact this is not just 1 image - this is 5 separate images, totalling 20 gigapixels. The images used here were low resolution copies of the originals, which I stiched togeather to form a panorama. This panorama can be viewed below.

How to Use:

Move your mouse over the picture to pan the image in that direction.

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More Information:

This image was taken in San Deigo. The technology used to capture this image was developed in the GigaPixel Project, and is now being used to capture a variety of various cultural and heritage sites around America. For more information, go to the GigaPixel Project website, or listen to an audio seminar by the inventor, Graham Flint.


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